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Our experienced design team works closely with clients to achieve brilliant décor that will dazzle your guests. Detail-oriented, collaborative, and visionary, Universal Flowers is the go-to for all of your corporate event needs.




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Pristine and Welcoming Corporate Floral Arrangements Big or Small

Whether a startup company, corporation or private business in the Metropolitan area, each office space has its own distinct culture, employees and clientele. A fresh corporate floral arrangement or lush office plants designed by a close by, reputable, high-end corporate florist like Universal Flowers will enhance any professional setting near you, from Constitution Hall to Convention Center to the local and federal government. Corporate flower arrangements create a beautiful and lasting impression to display in reception areas, entryways, retail stops, showrooms and more. Universal Flowers guarantees your clientele, employees and visitors will feel properly welcomed.

How It Works

  1. Set up your first meeting and get a feel for the service that Universal Flowers offers.

  2. Meet with us to discuss your dream design and receive your personalized proposal and inspiration board.

  3. We will create your perfect floral arrangements, making your corporate space come to life.

Corporate Arrangements